Quantum Cell Expansion System


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Terumo BCT


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Quantum Cell Expansion System


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Quantum Cell Expansion System


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Product Confidence. Process Scalability.

Manufacturing is a strategic asset in cell therapy. Planning to scale a flask-based process can be complicated and time consuming; it requires a significant investment in labor and resources and may introduce complexity and variability to your manufacturing process. The early adoption of an automated cell culture platform can help streamline your process and reduce the obstacles to manufacturing scale-up or scale-out.

The Quantum system is an automated cell culture platform that can help simplify the open, labor-intensive manual tasks associated with flask-based culture, helping improve the reproducibility and scalability of your cell culture process to meet your overall manufacturing requirements.

Quantum System Overview
Quantum System Features and Benefits
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The Product is the Process

Gain Product Confidence with a Reproducible Process

Improve Process Scalability Through Automation

Control Production Costs

Reduce Process Complexity

Reduce Repeated Validation and Process Changes

Quantum System Overview

The Quantum system is an automated cell culture platform that can help simplify the open, labor-intensive manual tasks associated with flask-based culture. Cell culture processes can be optimized and configured on the Quantum system to match the needs of a particular cell type. The combination of protocol flexibility and process automation can provide a significant cell culture advantage over flask-based methods, making the Quantum system ideal for a range of production scenarios from benchtop research to current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) commercial manufacturing.

Automated Cell Seeding, Reagent Addition, Feeding and Harvest

Process Control and Protocol Flexibility

Software to Address cGMP and Associated Part 11 Compliance

Three Dimensional (3D) Hollow-Fiber Bioreactor Maximizes
Surface Area-to-Volume Ratio

Reduce Open Events with a Closed Cell Culture Environment


The Quantum system can be used in the production process of the following therapies:*


  • Immunotherapy


T-Cell Expansion • CAR T-Cell Based Therapy • Dendritic Cell (DC) Maturation


  • Gene Therapy


Viral Vector Production • Viral Transfection and Transduction


  • Cell Therapy


Adherent and Suspension Cell Expansion