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血漿解凍機 Plasma Thawing System


產品品牌 / Brand:


Helmer Scientific


產品類型 / Product Type:


血漿解凍機 Plasma Thawing System


產品應用 / Application:


-30度C冷凍冰箱Freezers Upright Laboratory & Plasma


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規格說明 / Specification:


QuickThaw® Plasma Thawing Systems from Helmer use

both controlled temperature and agitation to substantially reduce thaw times while ensuring the safety of your plasma or cryoprecipitate. A range of sizes is available to meet your needs, including 2 bag, 4 bag, and 8 bag capacities. The DH4 and DH8 models have dual baskets with independent

controls that accommodate a variety of bag configurations.


The DH2 features a single basket and very compact footprint.


The QuickThaw is also convenient to operate, allowing you to load, program, and walk away. The QuickThaw does the rest.

Advantages Over Other Plasma Thawing Systems


Reduce Unused Plasma


Rapid thawing with the QuickThaw reduces the amount of plasma that must be thawed in advance. The baskets agitate the units

in 36.5ºC water for optimal heat transfer and the most rapid, yet safe, thawing. Reducing unused thawed plasma results in cost savings for you.


Flexible, Convenient, and Safe


Each QuickThaw basket in the DH4 and DH8 operates independently, giving you the flexibility of starting batches of plasma at different times.  In addition, the baskets automatically lift plasma bags out of the water when a cycle is complete, offering the convenience of walk-away time savings. For added safety, the baskets also lift out upon high alarm activation.


Maximum Versatility


Both random and apheresis plasma bags may be thawed in any unit (whether flat or folded).  With the use of the removable dividers in the DH8 model, oversized units (wider than 6" / 153mm)  may be thawed. The QuickThaw is suitable for thawing cryoprecipitate and red blood cells as well as warming saline.


Space Saving


The compact size of QuickThaw Plasma Thawing Systems conserves space on your benchtop. The small footprint of the DH2 makes it an ideal back-up unit.

Overwrap Protection


The QuickThaw uses Helmer overwrap bags, the most convenient method to protect plasma during thawing. Overwraps eliminate the need for snap-seal pockets to separate the plasma from an internal water supply. Pockets crack over time, causing the need for replacement and

the possibility of internal system contamination. Helmer disposable overwraps provide long term security and the QuickThaw’s open tank design allows for easy cleaning, with no hidden areas.


Thawing Capabilities


Plasma can be loaded and unloaded into the QuickThaw without waiting for the water to be added and drained. Competitive snap-seal pocket systems need pumps to move water from a holding reservoir into the thawing chamber before and after each cycle, increasing thaw times and

decreasing throughput.



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